Notes of Appreciation

Dear Honor Flight,

Today I received a letter from a retired USAF Master Sgt who served in Korea and Vietnam.  He was a 22 year career serviceman.  The purpose of his letter was to thank ME for the letter I had written HIM thanking him for his service and wishing him a good trip on his Honor Flight.  The letter (which also included a poem) brought me to tears and actually, I tear up each time I think of it.

Lest anyone think that the opportunity to see their memorials and a simple letter of thanks for their service to our great nation is not important to our Korean and Vietnam veterans, please know that's mistaken.  Those heroes, most especially the Vietnam veterans, still feel the pain of the way they were treated when they returned home. That a simple one page letter of gratitude was so meaningful to this veteran speaks volumes to the need to continue this effort.

If there is anything I can do other than our contributions through Chapin Woman's Club to help further the cause of Honor Flight going forward, please let me know.



September 4, 2014

Dear Honor Flight Staff:

This is just a note to say thanks for your wonderful assistance during (before and after as well) the Honor Flight yesterday.  You all were great, and I want to let you know how grateful I (and I'm sure all the others are) for all that you all did to make our trip so enjoyable.  I know that it was a long day for you and the others--much longer than mine. But you all made it a day to remember, and I do appreciate  what you all did for us.

The day brought out emotions that had been stored for some time, and I am still processing some of the things that we encountered yesterday. Some remembrance were good, and some were bad.  But, all in all, it was a good experience and I'm glad that I was able to participate.

I know that all of you who assisted us have other lives than things associated with the Honor Flights, but, I know that I speak for all who went when I say "THANK YOU”!


September 6, 2010
Dear Honor Flight of SC,

What a wonderful day last Wednesday was!! The planning and preparation you and your team there did to make this such a glorious day for the veterans was beyond the call of duty!! Every detail had been taken care of and you made sure these heroes got a day to remember. Thank you so very much!

My dad smiled more that day than I have seen him smile in a long time! He was anxious about going and leaving his bride of 70 years but he did very well and told me over and over how much the day had meant to him. I want to say a special thank you for your allowing our son, my husband and me to be on the bus with Daddy. We all took turns sitting with Dad on the bus and sharing that time with him. It is a day we will never forget. I have shared with many people here in Charlotte of our wonderful experience and how touching it was to see these vets honored in such a splendid way.

Enclosed is a small token of our appreciation for your kindness to our family. Please let us know if there are events that we could help with in some way. God bless you for your interest in this endeavor.


September 2010
Dear Mr. Dukes,

On September 1, 2010 I had the great privilege of being an honored participant in the Honor Flight to Washington, D.C. I want you to know that this flight meant a great deal to me. I was privileged to be accompanied by my son, a West Point grad (1972) and career Army officer.

I know you are deeply involved in making these Flights meaningful to veterans and I respect you for your devotion in doing so. I am also impressed with your leadership and assumption of responsibility in seeing that every detail went off like clockwork. Great planning and execution was surely evident in all that transpired that day.

I canʼt put into words what the Flight meant to me, but please know it is one of the highlights of my entire life. Iʼm 90 years of age. Congratulations and a huge Thank you for your efforts in making these Honor Flights possible. I am certain your Dad would be very proud of what you are doing in this regard.


September 2010
Dear Mr. Dukes and Staff,

I want to express my sincere thanks and appreciation for all you and the
Honor Flight staff did to make the September 1 flight a memorable and special
experience. It is something I will never forget. It meant so much to be a
Guardian for my father. It touched him deeply to be amongst all the heroes!
Thank you again for all that you do. Wishing you continued success in
future flights.

September 2010
Directors of Honor Flight,

Having made the most comfortable flight (and Iʼve flown across the
Atlantic, from Alaska, and all over the USA) and enjoyed the most well planned,
smooth operated and organized trip of my 83 years, I thank you for this soothing
experience. I got up at 4 am, rode 57 miles in and back at 11 pm and was not
tired, uncomfortable or sore.

The greetings coming and going here and Washington were superb; my
delight on arrival in Washington was one man in uniform with nametag “MEBAN”.
I said “Good SC name” and he said some SC town and Citadel “68 and I waved
my “51 ring and my trip was on wings all the way. The saber salutes from the
ROTC and the K of C, then finding Col Schwebo and the new Post Commander
on our return were great.

Being a diabetic I was concerned about eating on such a long trip and had
asked my guardian about breakfast and she assured me things would be fine
and those bags arrived precisely as needed along with snacks and water. My
driver needed supper (I didnʼt) so we stopped at the Blue Marlin and snacked

Each stop was a pleasant jaunt; no pushing, shoving or standing in line
and to see these ninety year olds moving and going without any crisis was
amazing. The WWII Memorial was very impressive as were the Korean and
Vietnam (thought it was nice of our President to drive by at the Korean Memorial
– he didnʼt stop) and Arlington as always was awesome.

Please thank my guardian, Terry Pound and all others for their fine
performance and attention to our needs.

Dear Mr. Dukes and Staff,

The program was so well planned that it made the flight especially nice.
We are thankful for all you and your volunteers did for us. The flight was
wonderful. At our ages this means a lot for all of us




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